The return of La Serenissima

Now that Catalonia is on the verge of independence, Lombardia and Venezia are next:
Italy facing its OWN Catalonia: Referendums in Lombardy and Venice could TOPPLE EU

This month the Lombardy region and the city of Venice will both vote on new powers of autonomy at referendums which are now taking on increasing levels of controversy. Previously seen as a low-scale vote on local powers, the referendums are now experiencing symbolic overtones following last Sunday’s Catalonian chaos.

Last weekend more than 800 people were injured by police as a referendum on independence for Catalonia was held - against the express wishes of leaders in Madrid and Brussels. And now Italy is facing similar chaos with two referendums set to be held on October 22, although in these instances the votes are state-approved and will not face violent opposition.
I'm pretty sure the Venetian referendum will pass. I'm less confident about the Lombardian vote, since there are some heavily socialist regions of the province, but it stands a reasonable chance of passing. And unlike Catalonia, neither Venetians nor Lombardians are at all keen on the EU. It's time to let Garibaldi's Folly pass into history and bring back the great Italian city-states of the Renaissance.

Basta bugie, no UE! 

Media: Wait, don't you live in Lombardia?
VD: (whistles innocently)

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