Salisbury Folk Festival Must Be Stopped, Homeland Security Not Happy!

Yesterday Homeland Security came to Salisbury Maryland to asses the upcoming Folk Festival and absolutely freaked out.

Mayor Jake Day and his pre school staff waited far too long to call in Homeland Security, in which they told Day they need at least SIX MONTHS to put a plan together for such an event. 

They went on to discuss many other critical matters that had not been thought out like shelter in place locations. Homeland Security flat out stated there's nowhere near enough locations for a shelter in place emergency, even as simple as a rain storm. Day tried to claim they can use the downtown parking garage and Homeland Security said, (according to the 30,000 Day is now claiming will arrive) still said it's not enough. 

Homeland Security went on to say there's nowhere near enough drinking water locations for such a crowd. Keep in mind, Day sold this event as an up to 300,000 people to attend each day, not 30,000. Homeland Security also stated there's nowhere near enough electric outlets throughout Downtown. They also stated they could help assess the event for next year but just on the surface this event should not take place. They also told Day there's nowhere near enough parking, even if only 30,000 people show up. Homeland Security stated they only have enough parking for 5,000 vehicles.

HERE'S THE KICKER: Homeland Security was able to finally get the TRUTH out of Mayor Jake Day referencing VOLUNTEERS. It turns out the City only has on record 130 volunteers and the event coordinator for this national event stated they must have 800 volunteers, (minimal) for this event and flat out told Jake Day, your going to have to HIRE to rest. 

Anyone who has had to deal with volunteers in the past knows that IF there's 130 people who signed up, only about 50 to 75 will actually show up, seriously. So we'll be conservative and say the City will need to hire some 700 people for four days, something they cannot afford. 

Look, this entire event is a disaster. When Homeland Security comes in and tells the Mayor there is NO PLAN whatsoever for an "active shooter" situation, this is bad. When you allegedly have the potential of having up to 300,000 people in such a crime ridden City and nowhere near enough security, this is a melting pot for disaster. By the way, the police command center will be at the Salisbury Police parking lot and their security people will not be allowed to walk the event under cover. The event organizer stated they'll need to remain in the SPD parking lot. 

Finally, the City is planning on forcing the public to pull a permit for ANY protests at this event. The City is now proposing emergency legislation for this permit. Homeland Security is very concerned about these protests and they're not at all comfortable with how poorly this event has been managed. They cannot provide a professional assessment of this event until NEXT YEAR. 

IF you are concerned, (safety wise) about attending this event, according to Homeland Security, DON'T GO! God Forbid something were to happen, you're sitting ducks. 

Not enough food, volunteers, water, security, shelter, sniper protection, electric, parking, it's a disaster just waiting to happen and a perfect opportunity for criminal activity. You have to wonder, did Jake request a one year deployment right after this event takes place???

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