But what about Chicago?

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"Here is something you cant understand
How I could just kill a man
Here is something you cant understand
How I could just kill a man"

~Cypress Hill~

Sadly, I can understand. And as I see the drama of the senseless loss of young black lives playing out in cities like Chicago more and more each day, I am starting to understand it even more.

I live in Philly, and I do a lot of criminal defense work, so sadly I understand the culture that creates this climate of senseless violence and depravity that is being played out in some of our inner city neighborhoods on a regular basis. These urban terrorist who kill and create mayhem don't feel remorse or care about the consequences of their actions. They live for the moment. Most of them don't even think about living past thirty. Or, for that matter, being free on the streets after thirty. It's either dead or in jail. While they are here, though, getting a rep on the street and getting fast money is all they care about. 

Last weekend in Chicago there were 33 shootings and 12 murders for all the reasons I gave you above. The racist trolls who like to point to these happenings as evidence of some type of dysfunction that is specific to the black community are having a field day. Every time you point out some type of social injustice or an instance of institutional and individual racism, they bring it up. Donald trump is a liar and a sexual predator. Yeah but what about Chicago? Police officers have to stop  killing innocent people of color. Yeah but what about Chicago? The America government is wrong to separate young children from their families. Yeah but what about Chicago? I think you get the point. 

The problem is, of course, that what happens in Chicago and cities like it is the end result of a problem that was created by a society that left out the have-nots, and is set up in such a way that only a few can succeed. The so called American dream will never be realized by many of these people and they know it. So what happens? The have-nots turn on each other.  

Also, killings is not something unique to black folks. In case you haven't been paying attention, white men have been killing their families in serious numbers in this country. (Just yesterday here in Philly, a man strangled his  seven year old daughter to death because of a bitter custody battle with her mother.) Don't believe me? Check out this link, and this one, and this one, and this one. There are lots more, so feel free to use Google. 

These types of killings, one could argue, are even more heinous, because they involve the killing of a loved one the killer is supposed to protect and care for. What's their excuse? They lost their job? Marital breakup? A lost custody battle? In Chicago and cities like it, we know why they kill each other, and it's tragic and sad. However, I will never understand how someone can kill his or her entire family. The people he or she loved at one point and formed a bond with. 

The point is, to quote the orange one occupying the white house: "There are bad people on both sides." Killing a fellow gang- banger or drug dealer is bad. Killing a family member or loved one is bad as well. We don't need the pontificating from folks in the majority population about all those evil Negroes in the hood killing each other. We know why they kill each other. And sadly, in a lot of ways, we are all to blame. 

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